Do you Really have to Wear White to your Black Wedding Dress?

black wedding gown

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and special days of your life, you may have visions of what it will look like complete with beautiful flowing dresses and elaborate flowers, but what happens when a traditional wedding and the white dress does not fit your idea of the ideal wedding. Many women feel they must stick with tradition even when some of those traditions simply do not fit their tastes and what they really want for their weddings. If you do not want white for instance why not find a blue, pink, red or even black wedding dress.

Yes, you can find a wide assortment of different colored dresses, including the black wedding dress, which offers a modern look and sophistication that an all washed out white wedding cannot offer. Most often women will opt for a black and white wedding which bring in stark contrasts and offer balance in colors that white alone cannot offer. Wearing a white gown is a fashion started by Queen Victoria and was not even dreamed of before then when a variety of colors were used before that time.

So now that you know that the tradition of wearing white is not as old as you once thought it was, you can feel free to choose whatever color you want. Keep in mind that even the black wedding dress was at one time in fashion in Finland, as close as the 1800’s and vintage black wedding gowns could be had up till the last 50 years or so if you knew where to look.

Choose the color that fits you the best, if you would prefer a blue gown because you are blond and of light complexion, then that is the color you should wear, if pink is your favorite color then it is a lovely color for a wedding. Light shades of green are a wonderful color for a spring wedding and a black and white wedding is considered modern at any time but especially nice for a winter wedding.

There is nothing wrong with a white wedding if you are a traditionalist and you dream of a white gown, but keep in mind that many designers are making exquisite gowns in a variety of colors and you no longer have to limit yourself to white unless you really want to. A black wedding dress can look stylish and elegant and offer you a dress that is perfect for you and your coloring, as well as give you plenty of options for your wedding theme.

Picking Out Your Wedding Gown: What You Need to Know

Wedding Gown

Marriage is a one-time, lifetime event. Therefore, there isn’t much leeway to practice or make mistakes. So, to make the bride’s walk down the aisle perfect and unforgettable, one must take great steps to guarantee that everything is done correctly, down to every little feature on the wedding dress.

The Dress Comes First
Although it may go both ways, the theme of your dress should complement your wedding theme. Some couples choose a theme before picking a gown, and then, they make the gown complement the theme they have selected. But for some folks, the selection of gown comes first, and the theme of the wedding follows the theme of the gown.  If the gown that catches the bride’s fancy is beaded and formal, then the wedding should be more formal. If the bride chooses a less formal dress, then the wedding should be less formal.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself with Choices

Yes, it may be enticing to try on every wedding dress that you come across. But what if you find yourself submerged under a pile of 30 or more wedding gowns you think you really like and aren’t able to make a decision? That sort of situation will prove to be stressful – not to mention quite a time- consuming.
To get out of this, try rendering decisions in stages. You could try a “contest” style way of picking a wedding gown. This works by voting off the one you like the least and them re-assessing the wedding gowns that are left.

Another technique is trying on a number of gowns (say 5) and then picking two you like the best. These will be compared with 5 new gowns. Continue this way until you get your perfect wedding gown.

It may become tempting to say to doubt your choice in your wedding gown. Try to make sure you make your final decision among a number of gowns (5 is good). If you end up with too many to select from, you may get overwhelmed and end up selecting a mediocre gown or picking the perfect gown but constantly questioning yourself regarding whether you made the right decision or not.

Advice on Deciding on Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

The flowers you have for your wedding should complement everything in your wedding. Its colors should balance not just your dress. Your wedding flowers should work with the colors of the décor of your reception venue and the ceremony locale.

Unless you have the skills of a professional florist, you’ll want to hire one. Your wedding florist should be skilled with wedding arrangements, and you won’t find one that isn’t. Make sure your florist can deliver, set up, and remove the arrangements at the end of your wedding and reception. Even though many reception halls can suggest a florist to you, you should do your own research. Ask for references, and be sure to look them up yourself, including online reviews. It may be tempted to use a florist without check references, but this would be irresponsible on your part.

Your wedding flowers should harmonize with the season, your wedding dress, and your color scheme. Your wedding flowers should also go with your wedding party’s attire, as well as the style and theme of your wedding. Before you speak with a florist, make a list of wedding flowers you are considering. It will help focus your meetings and help you stay within your wedding budget.

When you organize your wedding flower arrangements with your florist, he or she should be able to suggest wedding arrangements based on the size and location of your wedding. Ask to see pictures of previous wedding arrangements. Don’t agree to see generic photos of flower arrangements. You will want to see the actual work of the florist. This gives you a real feel for their creative and unique qualities and what you can expect to see on your wedding day.

It is even better if you meet with your potential wedding florists with pictures and magazine pictures of some ideas of what you are looking for. You shouldn’t just take the florist’s advice on everything. You should be part of the decision-making process.

Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

A professional wedding planner is someone who has extended knowledge of organizing weddings. A wedding planner is typically someone with acute perception into weddings. This is why a lot of couples choose to hire a professional wedding planner. Are you or someone in your family or in your inner circle a detail-oriented person? While it is hard to replace the skill of a professional wedding planner with someone who can keep things organized, it is a solid start. There are so many sources available for weddings that a skilled individual who knows you and you’re signed to another person can become your wedding planner.

A wedding planner isn’t just a great organizer. A wedding planner wears several different hats. A wedding planner may manage your wedding budget to make sure it stays on track. Also, they buffer so that when stressful situations happen, they can take care of them without having an anxiety attack.

Although weddings are bedded in tradition, couples often want to bring their own style to the ceremony. Knowing how far to go without making your ceremony into something less than special is a task that isn’t always simple to do. The benefit of having a wedding planner is that the person can provide creative suggestions to help keep the wedding composed. Since being a wedding planner typically means an individual who runs in wedding circles, there’s a possibility that the wedding planner may be able to use his or her connections to get you specials on some of your wedding needs.

Even without having a wedding planner, weddings are expensive. When you think that the average wedding costs hundreds of dollars, you can see how employing a wedding planner who makes over $2,500 per wedding is sometimes an idea that is never comprehended. If your wedding budget is small and your wedding requires a wedding planner, you might want to think about hiring a wedding planner with less experience. If you take this route, make sure the wedding planner is someone who will help your wedding.

Our Wedding Song Is…

wedding song

Wedding songs play an important role your entire wedding day. Wedding songs aid in creating the mood and setting of the day from beginning to end. Selecting the correct wedding songs can also help emphasize the emotional significance of the occasion for a much more unforgettable celebration.

Earlier in time, many weddings had traditional wedding songs. Nowadays, there’s no limit to the type of wedding songs that newlyweds can pick to play on their wedding day. Picking wedding songs is also one of the most fun tasks that couples can do to get ready for their wedding celebration.

Most couples like picking wedding songs that have a special meaning to them in order to make a more personal setting for their wedding day. A song that was playing on their first date or songs by the couple’s favorite singer or music group is typical selections for wedding songs.

When picking wedding songs, it is crucial to take into consideration the wedding ceremony venue. Most wedding ceremonies typically take place in a church. Therefore, couples should check first with the minister to see if there are any limitations to the style of songs that can be played at weddings. Sometimes, churches have apprehensions regarding the type of wedding songs that should be played during the wedding ceremony.

Other venues may not have a firm policy regarding the assortment of wedding songs to be played. However, it is still recommended to select wedding songs for the ceremony that would not turn the event into a comedy show. It is best to save the entertaining wedding songs for the wedding reception where everyone can get down to the music.

Couples need to pick numerous wedding songs for different parts of the wedding ceremony and reception. There are basically six parts of the wedding ceremony that requires music. The type of wedding music for the prelude is used to welcome family and friends to the wedding. Happy and festive wedding songs can help set the atmosphere for the entire wedding day.

The Best Wedding Gifts for Your Guests

Individualized wedding favors are among the most popular gifts for wedding guests because they’re very intimate. Brides want to make their guest feel extraordinary and an individualized wedding favor is an ideal gift. It is a chance for the bride and groom to give a small gift with their customized message, such as “Thank you for being with us on our special day!” with the wedding date on it. Customized chocolates are among the most prevalent wedding favors. Chocolate wedding gifts can have a dual role at your wedding reception. They can likewise serve as seating placeholders. Soaps, candy tins, bath gels/salts, candle, and many others are customized for weddings.

Wedding gifts can be delightful while being useful. A few of the hottest wedding gifts are glass coasters, heart-shaped measuring spoons, and bottle stoppers. Bottle stoppers are a great wedding gift to make happy wine lovers at your wedding reception.

Candles make a great wedding gift. They are pretty items that are available in every shape and form and are appropriate for any wedding guest. Rose candle wedding gifts are among the most popular ones.

Brides love to color coordinate, but the right wedding gift can fit into any wedding color theme. Beach wedding gifts are ideal for destination weddings. You can pick beach-themed wedding gifts for an actual beach wedding. Perfect beach wedding gifts are seashell gel candles or dolphin bottle stoppers can greatly enrich the overall theme of your wedding.

Wedding favors can be personalized gifts for your wedding guests as well. Wedding favors are lovely tokens of appreciation that can bring a special touch to the overall experience for your guests on your special day.

Now, more than ever, there are great varieties of interesting wedding gifts your wedding guests will cherish. Wedding gifts are a basic of the modern wedding celebration.