Do you Really have to Wear White to your Black Wedding Dress?

black wedding gown

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and special days of your life, you may have visions of what it will look like complete with beautiful flowing dresses and elaborate flowers, but what happens when a traditional wedding and the white dress does not fit your idea of the ideal wedding. Many women feel they must stick with tradition even when some of those traditions simply do not fit their tastes and what they really want for their weddings. If you do not want white for instance why not find a blue, pink, red or even black wedding dress.

Yes, you can find a wide assortment of different colored dresses, including the black wedding dress, which offers a modern look and sophistication that an all washed out white wedding cannot offer. Most often women will opt for a black and white wedding which bring in stark contrasts and offer balance in colors that white alone cannot offer. Wearing a white gown is a fashion started by Queen Victoria and was not even dreamed of before then when a variety of colors were used before that time.

So now that you know that the tradition of wearing white is not as old as you once thought it was, you can feel free to choose whatever color you want. Keep in mind that even the black wedding dress was at one time in fashion in Finland, as close as the 1800’s and vintage black wedding gowns could be had up till the last 50 years or so if you knew where to look.

Choose the color that fits you the best, if you would prefer a blue gown because you are blond and of light complexion, then that is the color you should wear, if pink is your favorite color then it is a lovely color for a wedding. Light shades of green are a wonderful color for a spring wedding and a black and white wedding is considered modern at any time but especially nice for a winter wedding.

There is nothing wrong with a white wedding if you are a traditionalist and you dream of a white gown, but keep in mind that many designers are making exquisite gowns in a variety of colors and you no longer have to limit yourself to white unless you really want to. A black wedding dress can look stylish and elegant and offer you a dress that is perfect for you and your coloring, as well as give you plenty of options for your wedding theme.

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